Development Finance loans can be used in a number of different circumstances, such as refurbishment – buying dilapidated properties and then renovating them, and selling them over a short period of time. Jumbo Bridging can make your project fly and help you secure your property investment, even when other lenders say no! You can be sure to talk to actual decision makers, with over two decades in the marketplace. We have access to funds covering the whole of the UK – with a very fast turnaround, flexible terms, and market-leading rates. We work on a daily basis with property developers across the UK to help meet their funding requirements and enable them to unlock profit in the most challenging of projects!

We offer Bridging Finance on any of the following assets. If your asset is NOT on this list it does not mean we cannot lend on it. Please call to check.

 Land with or without planning
 Pubs/ Clubs
 Residential Investment Portfolios

 Industrial Units

Fast and personal service
Best deals in the Bridging Finance market
Highly capitalised Hedge Funds and Private Equity available for bigger bridging finance deals

Large bridging finance loans welcome
Bridging Loan completions within 48 hours
Bridging Loans from 0.75% per month

No Credit Checks/ No Proof of Income
100% of the Purchase Price
Open Ended bridging loans welcome

Short term funding, or to use its well known term, Bridging Finance, is probably the most underused form of financing. A bridging loan can provide fast access to funding with the minimum of formalities. Bridging finance can be used in a number of different circumstances, such as refurbishment – buying dilapidated properties and then renovating and selling them in a short space of time. One of the most common usages is when people buy a new property before their present one is sold – “a bridge”.


We know that many other lenders advertise that they’re both unique and different, as well as offering bespoke solutions for financing.

We use or years of experience to tailor unique solutions to suit the borrower and their requirements. This experience allows us to be more open-minded and approach each case differently. This is why we have garnered the reputation to take on deals that other lenders wouldn’t necessarily take on through lack of knowledge and understanding of the clients’ requirements. Our team professionals focus on the underlying asset, and we pride ourselves on coming up with solutions for the most complex of cases.

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Bridging finance can be used for any legitimate purpose including investment property purchase, working capital, equity release, order fulfillment and similar requirements. Terms and interest rates offered to depend on the amount of funding required and loan term but start from just 0.75% per month, in many cases interest payable can be ‘rolled up’ into the loan for an agreed period.