A fresh look and a market leading bespoke new app for Jumbo Bridging! The UK’s leading provider of all large bridging finance specialists, has undergone a total rebrand, and today has revealed its brand new bespoke website and mobile app to support its evolution in the growing bridging finance market, and with the highly anticipated launch of its new fund vehicle Force 12 Capital.


The Dubai and London based bridging finance company’s new website (www.jumbo-bf.co.uk) still retains its core values, but at the same time develops a fresh modern identity online. The new look and new mobile app offers Jumbo Bridging’s current and prospective clients further creative solutions when applying for their services and keeps Jumbo firmly ahead of the market with its ability to retain and attract new clients into the business.


The ‘Jumbo Bridging’ app allows you to communicate directly with other investors, brokers and introducers – anywhere in the world! Applying for a bridging loan with Jumbo Bridging now couldn’t be easier and more accessible to users, with thanks to the innovative features of the bespoke new app.


The social networking feature allows you to connect with all financial lenders and investors alike through your own profile. It gives users the chance to build, enhance and strengthen its users’ relationships within the finance industry.


It also includes these sleek benefits:

  • Daily financial industry news
  • A loan calculator which provides interest rates
  • An upload tool that allows valuation reports, photos and essential documents to be sent to an underwriter, at the click of a button.
  • An easy-to-use online application form
  • And much much more!


Christopher Dailly, CEO said: “It has been an exciting few years for Jumbo since our relocation to Dubai to better access the capital markets of the Middle East and having already secured a £100m + revolving credit facility for high-risk bridging loans we feel with the launch of our new fund Force 12 Capital as the primary funding vehicle of Jumbo Bridging it was a good time to do a re-brand of the business to better reflect where we are headed for the next few years. Our rebrand and App launch further exemplifies our continued growth as a company and cements our business as a brand in the rapidly changing finance industry as we recognise the need for change and to be continuously evolving.