Commercial finance and Bridging finance can be used for any legitimate purpose including investment property purchase, working capital, equity release, order fulfillment and similar requirements.

Terms and interest rates offered, depending on the amount of funding required and loan term but start from just 0.75% per month, in many cases interest payable can be ‘rolled up’ into the loan for an agreed period.

To learn more either call us today on 0207 856 0441 or complete the brief and ‘no obligation’ enquiry form. A member of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirement and give an immediate in principle decision.

Non-status bridging finance means we can usually lend if your proposal makes good business sense, even if standard lending criteria are not met.


How does Bridging Finance work exactly?

Bridging finance is a very flexible form of short-term funding, and compared with conventional forms of finance it is very quick to organise and draw the money. Bridging finance loans can be secured on either a first or second charge basis on residential investment or commercial property, or on land and development sites with or without planning consent.